Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hey, Hey We're the Monkeys!

We had so much fun monkeyin' around together recently! We made monkey glyphs and the cutest monkey
cupcakes to kick off our safari theme for the year. The smiles say it all!!

 Noah was absent and missed all the monkey fun. : (

Each of our table groups are named after an animal so Mrs. Smith can call for our whole group at once when we line up. We had fun with these cool masks pretending to be jungle animals.

 The Lion Group (Can you guess who?)

 The Elephant Group (RTR)

 The Monkeys (They might just swing from the trees!)

 The Zebra Group (They run in a herd!)

 All the animals living in harmony!!

The masks came from Michael's. 
Such a great summer find for our theme.

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