Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Exploring and Creating

We enjoyed getting our hands on all the math 
manipulatives as we practiced
rotating during Math Station Time. We made 
some awesome creations!!

 Chandler made a giraffe!

E is for Emily!!

 Ice cream, anyone???

 Brandon created this model of the Hunger Games field with the 
cornucopia in the middle.

Some kids were too busy creating to pause for a picture. I'll be sure to get their photo for the next blog post!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monkey Business!

Just a little monkey business to celebrate a wonderful
first week of school! 
We had a blast decorating and EATING our monkey cupcakes 
on Friday.


Christopher and Whitney

Haleigh and Emily

Jacob and Sabastian

Braxton, Chandler, and Bianca

Joe Cool

Brandon and Jon

Maddie and Hallie


Curious George

Brooklyn and Renee

Monday, August 20, 2012

Off on Safari!

We had a fantastic first day!! Only a little shyness and no tears at all. Each student is precious and eager to learn. Here we are getting ready to leave on Safari! There's so much to learn in 1st grade!!

We had a special visitor first thing this morning. Superintendent Bill Hopkins stopped in to say hello. He liked our Safari hats, so we gave him one of his very own!

Mr. Hopkins is right at home with 1st graders! We hope he comes to visit us again. Maybe he will read to us next time. When he realizes how much fun we have, he may never go back to the Central Office again!
This was HIS idea!!!

Remember this first day of first grade. 

Before you blink they'll be graduating.