Sunday, January 27, 2013

100 Days and Counting....!!!!

We had a blast pretending to be 100 years old on the 
100th Day of School!
Having a 2 Hour Delay was nice, too!!

These guys are going to make great "old geezers" someday! 
So handsome!

 Chandler went all out!

Love the eyebrows and suspenders!

Mr. Jonothan looks like he just had hip surgery!

These ladies are ready for the Red Hat Society for sure!


 Miss Megan just got home from the Beauty Shop!

Mrs. Black, Mrs. Dutton, and Mrs. Smith got in on 
the fun as well! Being a 1st grade teacher ages you FAST!

We had "100" cookies for a special snack.


  1. What kind of cookie is the number one?

  2. That's what I was wondering.... are the bags at party supply stores?

  3. It looks like she used Ziplock bags and stapled folded colored paper over the top and added stars.